Best leather briefcase, briefcase bag for men

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The is our best briefcase and this one is truly very sturdy and fashionable in its looks and design. As for the durability, it has been made from genuine heavy duty leather. Moreover, the folders and organizers can be expanded and be used for various business applications. And adding to that, the rugged yet stylish design makes this briefcase our top pick. The briefcase also has an expansion option of 1 inch. Also, it uses dual combination locks for the best security for your top secret business files.

Quality and value are among the best criteria for us to choose the best briefcase out there. Any worker or employee or even freelancer should have the best features for their briefcase, and among the features we picked were:
Durability – the briefcase should be highly durable with its material and build. ABS plastic or aluminum material is usually for those who need a highly protective hard case while a soft case is usually made of leather or nylon material. Briefcases can be standard modern or traditional depending on their usage.
Organization pockets – the briefcase should have great organization features such as dividers and multiple pockets. You may not know it, but a briefcase is more than just one solid type of briefcase unlike in the 70s and in the 80s. Today, you will find a wide variety of briefcases with pockets and cheaper but more durable and lightweight material other than leather.
Protection – in addition to its durability, your items inside should be greatly protected. A briefcase with one or two more safety combination locks is a great buy. You are getting a briefcase to protect your items and this is why you need something that stands strong depending on the contents of your briefcase.
Style – if you are a manager or someone with a high profile position, you should definitely get a briefcase that has style and authenticity other than its other features. Stylish leather or buckles or accents add value and durability to the leather briefcase or hard aluminum briefcase.
Comfort – the briefcase must be easy to handle and also very lightweight if you carry a lot of items in it. Make sure that the briefcase can be handled well by the person who will use it. If you intend to give it as a gift, you should definitely know how much items will be expected to be carried by the briefcase.


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The type of briefcase you need will depend on the type of items you will be carrying. If you will be carrying a lot of papers, a cell phone, an e-reader, a tablet and other small electronics, choose a briefcase that has a lot of pockets to organize your stuff. Below you can find reviews for three of the best briefcases for men in 2017.

While leather makes a stylish statement for the office, sometimes the traditional briefcase simply will not do. When this is the case, you need to consider a metal briefcase. Now, before you start your search, you should know that the majority of metal briefcases are created using aluminum. You should also know that today, instead of seeing the word "briefcase" you may see "attaché." Don't be fooled, it's a briefcase. The best metal briefcases will be durable, large enough to transport what you need, and provide the extra level of security that you require. Be prepared the best will not be cheap. But these briefcases will keep your valuables secure during transport and make you look cool in the process.