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Gusseted transit bags and briefcase style bags, also known as gusseted inter-office mail bags, have a depth to them to allow for larger files, reports, books, etc. to be placed inside bag. Durable fabrics will withstand daily use and last years compared to plastic bags or paper envelopes. Bags can easily be secured with a zip seal or small removable padlock to secure confidential items or documents making them HIPAA compliant for medical records. Gusseted Transit or Briefcase Style bags are great for inter-office mail, checks, document bag, secure transportation, library use or medical record bag.

Briefcase Style Bags come standard with nylon zipper on long side, 3.5×5.5 framed cardholder centered between black webbed handles and grommet tab by zipper closure to secure documents.

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    All gusseted transit bags and briefcase style bags are custom made in the USA with hundreds of options of size, material, color, lock, and can be personalized with company name or logo.