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A laptop bag can protect all of your electronics as you bump into other passengers on a crowded subway, or simply get caught in the rain. But the MTS Multi-Threat Shield briefcase goes much way further than that — it can also protect you from gunshots, knives, and even physical attacks when unfurled into a three-foot long shield.

Most protect your computer and other electronics from the grind of everyday life. The MTS Multi-Threat Shield briefcase does that, too, but doubles up on the function by also serving as a ballistic shield.

This Bullet-Proof Briefcase Unfolds Into a Personal Shield

Fire Shield Locking Briefcase

Please note: Each bag/satchel is supplied with 2 keys. Locked products will be supplied with a keyed different lock. If you wish to purchase keyed alike or master keyed bags, please specify this in your enquiry or order. Keyed alike or master keyed bags are custom made to order. Minimum order for master key or keyed alike locks is 10 units.


Bulletproof briefcase turns into shield that ..

Danger can come from any place, any time, and you could end up in a life threatening situation with nothing but your briefcase. If you’re carrying the Multi-Threat Shield Bulletproof Briefcase, it would be enough to save your life. The 8 lb briefcase looks like a normal laptop bag, but when unfolded it can serve as a shield that protects against most shotgun and pistol-caliber guns, as well as sharp weapons and blunt forces coming from punches and kicks.

The United Shield NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic Briefcase Briefcase-IIIA was designed to be the ideal case for anyone in need of a high quality ballistic briefcase. The United Shield Ballistic Briefcase is a discreet rapid deployment close protection device, with a non threatening appearance, which is ideal for use by VIP close protection officers. It is low profile, lightweight and compact, making it easy to stow in vehicles, and to carry anywhere during escort duties. The design of the United Shield NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic Brief Case allows single handed and rapid deployment when required to provide a sizable first line of effective ballistic and fragmentation defense and protection. The three part United Shield NIJ Ballistic Briefcase is constructed from heavy duty black ballistic nylon and unfolds quickly to provide around 40" x 20" of localized protection.